When Things Are Hard (Really Hard)


My youngest sister (#3 if you are counting) had a hip replacement this summer. And please don’t tell her she’s too young to undergo such a thing. She may stomp her sparkly turquoise cane on your foot.

We all knew it would be a difficult recovery, especially for someone who thrives on being Here, There, and Everywhere, often at the same time.

Suddenly she was Here.

And after two weeks she was still . . . . Here.

As a month passed, she may have made a tiny bit of progress toward There, but Everywhere was a faraway dream place she didn’t think she’d ever reach again.

I imagine there were days when she wanted to settle in Here and set up a permanent camp. Forget about moving to There, or even imagining what Everywhere could be like.

But she didn’t settle. Not once. She continued to work at her health (yes, good health needs a lot of attention, both mentally and physically). Little Sister walked and worked and therapy-ed her way to There, and now on a good day, she can glimpse Everywhere through her binoculars.

Dear people, sometimes Hard Things get handed to us. Sometimes we seek them out ourselves. Regardless of how they enter our lives, Hard Things will make us better people, stronger people–but we’ve got to get past Here. And in case you are wondering, it won’t be easy. That’s why they are called Hard Things.

When Drew was about five years old, he wrote this and propped it up against his dad’s bedside lamp so he would see it the minute he woke up. This was a kid who realized he needed help to accomplish his Hard Thing, in this case, disposing of a harmless but creepy arachnid. So when or if your Hard Thing becomes a Very Hard Thing, don’t ever feel like you must do it alone.

God gave us his Son for exactly that reason–that we never be alone during those Very Hard Things in life. Do you need to pack up your gear at Camp Here and get moving? Today is the day.

Just watch out for that spry young lady with the cane; she may just run you over on her way to Everywhere.



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12 Responses to When Things Are Hard (Really Hard)

  1. olga friesen says:

    Dear Amy,
    As always you inspire, encourage and help us to laugh – in love – at the way you express yourself!! Last summer, I was where your sister was – with a total hip replacement. It was not easy but by God’s grace and with the determination to drive soon (it was the right hip so I was not allowed to drive until …) and with doing the exercises prescribed and P.T. I made it quite quickly for a 75-year old (then). Canes help and what a thrill when you don’t need it any more!! Please give your sister a big hug from me.
    Love you, Amy!

  2. Faith says:

    I love your way of wit and wisdom so very much. I remember after having my daughter and experiencing severe postpartum anxiety, I had to give up my six mile trail runs that ended with me touching “six mile rock.” In my darkest moments I’d say to myself, “Someday I will touch six mile rock again,” even though it felt impossible. It took a while, but eventually I did. Now when things are hard, really hard, I think of touching six mile rock, and it gives me a sense of patience and strength.

  3. Karen says:


  4. Kristina says:

    Love! Thanks for the smile today. I love Drew’s note!

    • amy says:

      thanks, Kristina! I love that note, too, because i can just imagine this little kid with all his passion and fear about this spider 🙂

  5. Kelly Downing says:

    ThAnks Amy? I’m sorry to hear about ‘T’. I LOVE that she has a sparkly cane that matches her sparkly personality. My recent accident has put me in the same place of ‘here’ healing. Please give her a hug from me.?????

  6. cc says:

    The note, Drew, sent his father. Priceless.
    Spiders ?, good representation,
    eight legged creature that crawl over me, “Very Hard”, when encountered.
    Gods Son, The King ? of kings, takes me through these “Very Hard” encounters. Yes, we’re not alone.
    Well written, good and faithful servant.

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