Embracing Rest Right NOW

 So, people, I've been obsessed with the idea of rest lately. I have found over and over again how my life is positively affected when I take time out in life to take a break. A real break. What the Bible calls a "Sabbath" and I have called "Unattainable" for many years, this time-out (so to speak) is a step out of anything that even resembles work for a period of hours or more.

Check out this video and see what more I have to say about resting a little more in life.

(If you enjoy this video, I've been posting super short videos on Instagram almost every day. You can see them at thecreativefarmgirl. ALSO, for the record, these videos are short enough to fit on the TikTok app, but my teen son has told me I would be mocked mercilessly if I dared to post . . . . )



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