As Creative as Stapling Up Your Pant Hem

February 21, 2019

I am the girl who used to scotch tape my sock hole (now I throw them away). I also used to staple my pant hems if the cuffs were too long (now I let them drag).

My sewing talents have not improved over the years, which I am ok with. However, when my dancing boy Tate said he needed help sewing some of his costume together, I knew I was going to need to step it up.

Granted, all he needed was a blindfold. Yes, a blindfold. How hard can it be to sew together a blindfold? Let me tell you.

    1. I cut paper. I do not cut fabric. This is why.
    2. The fabric is slippery and see-through, perfect for a blindfold that looks opaque but isn’t. Not perfect for running through a sewing machine. Though if I had to pull out my sewing machine for this, I would have  to change the bobbin. I avoid that at all costs.
    3. I am really unskilled at threading a needle AND tying a knot in the thread.

      Do you see why this seemingly SEWING 101 project gave me heart palpitations?

      Since my two stand-bys—scotch tape and staples—were not options that could hold up to a dancing teenager, I headed to Joann Fabrics to see what I could find. These days they not only had fabric glue, they had fusible webbing that you stick between two pieces of fabric and IRON TOGETHER.

      Now, while Dear Husband believes that I don’t know how to use an iron, I actually have used one a few times in my life. And it was about to become my “sewing machine that don’t need no stinkin’ bobbin.”

      Even though I messed up the straight line of the fabric, I figured I could fix it after ironing the two pieces together.

      And voila!

      One of my very favorite aspects of creativity is problem-solving. Are you one of those people who doesn’t think they are creative? How many problems have you figured out this week? Yeah, I thought so.

      We are all a bunch of creative geniuses walking around not even realizing it, because you only look at creativity as something you see, or play, or listen to.

      The next time you are faced with sewing together a blindfold or some other tricky task, look at how creatively you can solve it.

      That creative genius is just bursting to come out. Let it!

      By the way . . . I was a little nervous to use the "sewing with a tube" as I wasn't sure if the glue would be a good thing to have on top of one's eyeballs. Though, seriously, how creative is the gal who came up with this one??

      I was a little nervous to use the “sewing with a tube” as I wasn’t sure if the glue would be a good thing to have on top of one’s eyeballs.


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      • You are definitely your mommy’s girl! Love tape and staples too….so excited to hear about this new fix😀

      • So proud of you! Love that invention too!


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