Bestest Job I Ever Had

Little known fact: The Creative Farm Girl spent three summers in her teen years mowing and trimming greens and fairways at a local golf course.

I still say it was the best job I ever had.

Today, as I pulled out my little battery-operated mower (yes, we Californians mow year round), I thought back to my days at the City of Loveland Golf Course. We greenskeepers had to be out on the course with our motors revving before the sun rose, to mow off the dew for the earliest golfers. Usually one of us took the front nine, while the other took the back nine, to get everything done before it was too crowded. Otherwise, we ended up “playing” dodge the golf balls (does anyone really need to be playing golf before 8 a.m.)?

As I finished up mowing my yard today, I realized that I will always find great satisfaction in a freshly-cut lawn (particularly when it's cut by me).


(This is my "before" picture, and while I do think it is quite lovely, it's not quite as lovely as a freshly trimmed yard.)

In my book publishing days, there was very little gratification in one day’s work. Seeing a book from its concept to its hard copy form took months, if not a couple years. By the time a book was completed, I was so immersed in the next ten projects, I never gave any individual project much thought.

When I transitioned into children’s ministry, that too, was not so much a job of accomplishments, but more a job to invest for future accomplishments, many of which I wouldn’t see.

But, all those years ago, every single morning when I finished mowing the greens, I could enjoy a job completed. And it was satisfying.

Most jobs are not made for instant gratification, though. They are made up of sweat and long nights and too many hours of hard work to keep track. If you find yourself caught up in work or a long-term project or a goal that is wearing you down and out, you need to do one thing: Mow your lawn.

(I seriously think I just heard a moan.)

Let me rephrase that. Do an activity that you can see to the end in a matter of an hour or so. Make lemonade from scratch. Organize your sock drawer. Write a letter to a friend. Clean out a garden bed.

Then, ENJOY your accomplishment for that day. Relish it.

And tomorrow get back to work on the one that makes you sweat.


  • Hey Amy! We spoke last year about me purchasing your beautiful inspirational cards and gifts at wholesale and I am happy to say I just opened my business..if you could just let me know what I need to do and if you have current samples available..I’m so excited to have you in my small business in VA! Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! Connie

    Connie Stinson
  • Thank you for the inspiration, Amy! I so agree with your philosophy. On to that sock drawer:)

    Nan McNamara
  • My favorite smells are coffee beans and fresh cut grass. What a cool job and a fun story!!

    Faith Grant

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