FIVE Steps to Getting Holiday Cards out this Year (And No, It’s Not too Early to Read This)

Every year we have intentions of mailing out cards to those we love, those we haven’t seen for years, and those—let’s be honest—who send us cards first.

But as the days tick by, the priority of the card has taken a back seat—the way, way back seat. So here’s a handy little list to get those cards bought, written, and sent out the door before Valentine’s Day.

  1. Buy stamps. I put this first because some of us will get all the way to the end of this list, and then get paralyzed because they can’t find stamps and they don’t want to stand in those lengthy post office lines. These days, you can also order your stamps online. Plus, when you get your stamps early, you get your choice of the most delightful designs.
  1. Make a list of who you want to send cards to. Some people only send cards to those who live faraway. Others like to send them to everyone they know. There is no right or wrong, but once you figure out the general audience, it will make creating the list easier. By keeping track with a list you will be less likely to forget anyone, and you can also begin tracking down addresses as needed. I tend to buy about 10% more cards than the number on my list, because you never know when new people will pop up who you want to include.
  1. Buy/order/make your cards. It’s easy to get tripped up here, so take a breath. You have an opportunity here to send a message of peace, love, joy, and all that fa-la-la-lah stuff, so make it meaningful to YOU. 
  1. Once you have your cards and list, the fun begins. And yes, this is fun. I like to first address the envelopes and stick a card in each one. I separate them into two piles—people I want to write a lengthier letter to, and those who get a shorter note (mostly the people I see regularly). Some of you like to include a copied letter that accompanies each card—that’s great. The point is to connect, and if that helps bring you and the recipients closer, then please do.

If you have a hard time enjoying this piece of it, turn it into a mini-party: grab your favorite drink and snack, throw on a holiday movie or Christmas music, find some lovely pens to write with, and you are all set.

  1. Now stick those stamps on them and drop them in the mail.

Wait. That’s it? Yes.

And if you get hung up on getting just the right holiday cards to fit you, check out the Creative Farm Girl Holiday Card unveiling, beginning September 27, and running all week long. You’ll find peaceful candles, the loveliest Christmas trees, and merry cows. Obviously.

Is there a deal coming? Of course. I will be running a too-good-to-pass-up deal on all holiday cards for one day—Tuesday, October 5 (my dear mom’s birthday). After all, she was the one who instilled in me this crazy love for sending out cards each season. Details on the deal coming next week . . . .

Until then, enjoy your pumpkins and falling leaves (and the very first Christmas card the Creative Farm Girl was a part of).


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  • Great tips
    Sure to be a “tad overwhelmed “ when returning home after nearly 5 fulls weeks… kit
    Love connecting via cards

    Carolyn Underwood Marshall

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