How to Grow a Tree House

One of my favorite trees in our yard is this one.

I believe it is a mulberry tree, and its leaves also serve as the goats' favorite treat. That is, when it has leaves.

The first year we lived in this house, Darling Husband and Tate climbed the tree to cut its thin branches. After Husband almost sliced off Tate’s left arm, we decided the professionals would take over.

This is what it looks like when its bare.

I find it quite lovely. I have wondered how many years that tree had to go through its shedding and growing process before it was strong enough to hold this quite large tree house (with a door, window, and emergency exit slide).

For several weeks after its yearly trim, it looked dead. Nothing green to be seen.

And then suddenly--just like that--green buds sprouted all over the large tree. And within a short time, the tree was again covered in its springtime jacket.

But people don’t all work that quickly.

It may take months for a poet to write the poem that represents his exact emotions. It may take a few years for a writer to get that book manuscript published. It may take many years for that actor to move from ensemble to leading roles. It may take many, MANY years for the artist to hone her art into something marketable. The creative process can not be rushed, though if it is to grow, it must be nurtured.

This majestic mulberry tree was once a long, long time ago, a few twigs and green sprigs.

And so when I see fellow creators get frustrated when they are not where they want to be in their art, I think of my mulberry tree and how many years its owner must have cut its branches and watched the leaves return, until it was finally—FINALLY—large enough to hold something as magnificent as a tree house.

So I remind myself--and you, dear readers--to keep trimming those extra branches and keep nurturing those green leaves. It may take several of those cycles until you are strong enough to build your own tree house, but keep working at it.

Keep on. Keep on. Keep on.





  • I so love this….a great visual to remind us to keep pruning, keep believing and when the time is right…..
    Thank you!!

  • It’s so nice to have your stories and “musings” again, dear “Creative Farm Girl” aka Amy!
    A breath of fresh air just before turning in – why do we still have to do Daylight Savings Time! It’s crazy but then nothing can be as crazy as the times we live in! Sending you a big hug!

    Olga Friesen

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