In Case You Need a Reason to Buy a Card Right Now

It’s that time of year for me . . . clean out the old junk and make room for new junk. I started on a large file drawer in my office. It is literally filled with Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, and letters—so many letters. My intention was to throw away most of it and keep a bit of it, but as often happens, I kept most of it and threw away a bit.

Along the way, I found several things I was missing, as well as much I never even knew I had.

However, the unexpected bonus that came from cleaning out my “cards and letters” drawer was how completely loved I felt as I went through it. So many good wishes, so many kind thoughts, so many beautiful words. Familiar names and new names, names I talk to regularly and names I haven’t spoken with in years.

It felt as if I was sitting in this timeless room surrounded by people saying nice things to me, over a many year spread.

How many texts and emails are you able to peruse through from past years?

I’d say few to none.

I highly recommend this exercise to anyone who is feeling a tad low or needs an attitude adjustment. You may not be quite the hoarder that I am. Your “cards and letters” cabinet may be a small box or part of a desk drawer. You  may even stick them on a bulletin board so you can be reminded often (I do that, too).

But there is something else, even more critical to this exercise that I highly recommend. Pull out an unused card from your stash and write someone a note. It doesn’t have to be all about how wonderful they are, but a few encouraging words here and there that they can enjoy now and in years to come would be appropriate.

In fact, I’m so eager for you all to help build other people’s "I really like you" note collection, I’m offering both my sets of valentine/love cards for $10 through the weekend. One set has 10 cards with 2 designs, and the second set has 12 cards with 4 designs. Here’s what they look like:


(You can get a much better view of the individual cards here.) Yes, I have a lot of cards, and I would like you to buy them. But more than that, there is a lot of love in this world and we need to be spreading it around as much as possible.

So let’s get to it.

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  • I always had a “smile file” in my desk drawer in my classroom. 35 years of positive notes from students, parents, administrators and educator. I still have it. Reading those notes never fail to clear out the blues.


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