In Search of Wonder Woman

November 1, 2018


Survived another Halloween. Barely. While there is nothing I really enjoy about this “holiday,” I have never lost that excitement for putting together a costume that is not me and getting to play at being someone else for a while.


This year my younger son was Spider Man. (Actually, I do believe he thinks he really is, so don’t burst his bubble if you run into him.) I thought it would be fun to wear a Spider Man t-shirt, since the two of us were scheduled to work together at our church’s harvest party. But he said I should be Wonder Woman.


Well, that is one superhero I’ve never even attempted to emulate, but for my 17-year old, if he wanted his mom to be Wonder Woman, then my goodness, I’d try. So I put together a very G-rated sort of Wonder Woman costume.



As I made my construction paper arm bands, I couldn’t help but feel a little more powerful. Why did my insides feel smarter and stronger and just plain better as the iconic female super hero?


Because when we are playing pretend or dressing up as a super hero, we rarely stop to think about any of their flaws. We focus on how awesome/funny/cool the character is.


So, why can't we do that with ourselves? As we slip into our regular clothes for the day and go through our routines, let's focus on all those amazing qualities that set us apart from each other.


Rather than pursuing that movie star image of Wonder Woman or Lynda Carter’s classic presentation (depending how old you are), I need to create my own version of Wonder Woman; not the Woman who can save the world and rock the skimpy outfit, but a wonder of a human who can share her gifts with generosity and without comparison.


So this Halloween was actually not so bad. For as I searched out the perfect super hero costume, I discovered that I have a super hero already living in me.


(And you do, too. So go find it.)


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  • Please tell me you had the gold lamé shorts in your closet!

    Gail Powers

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