January 24, 2019

I'm excited to share with you the latest series of cards with the Creative Farm Girl. In my head I call them simply the Courage Cards, for these are the cards you pull out when your friend or loved one is in desperate need of a good dose of--you guessed it--courage.

And I'm not talking Cowardly Lion-Give-Me-a-Medal here . . . no, it's the kind of courage you need at times to just get through a day: when a marriage disintegrates, or a parent dies, a forced move away from everything familiar, a job loss, a very disheartening medical diagnosis.

All of those events call for courage on a whole different level than most of us experience day-to-day.

You may look at these cards and say "Can't you just call them condolence cards?" Well, yes. You are absolutely not wrong in that. However, as stated above, we humans have many, many places in our lives when we grieve, and these cards fit a range of crises.


Grieving is a part of life--sort of like birthdays but not near as fun, and usually not accompanied with special frosting. All the more reason to send just the right card to let your friend know that one is never alone in this world.



  • Such beautiful cards with tender, loving messages. Thank you, my creative friend!

    Debbie Sullivan
  • Love these. Fill such a need.

    Camille Block

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