The Very VERY First Step to Getting Creativity in Your Life

If you’ve been reading The Creative Farm Girl for any length of time, you have hopefully established that whether you like it or not, you have some creativity inside you that is dying to come out and play.

If you are new to this idea, let this sink in: You, me, all of us, were born with creativity in our DNA. As we grew, some of us were encouraged in our creativity, and others were not, so it was squashed down underneath a bunch of other stuff. And so now you think you aren’t creative.


Not to mention, you get paralyzed at the idea of pulling out paints and a canvas or trying out for a play or cooking fun and nutritious meals from scratch.

Where then do you start? What’s the very VERY first step in getting creativity in your life?

Simply experience it.

That’s it. You don’t have to go audition for the next community play you see. First, go to the theatre and WATCH a play. Does it inspire you to see another play? Or a musical? The more plays you see, the better idea you will have on what you would enjoy performing in—a full-on comedy, a murder mystery, or even an improv. (And if you haven't experienced any of the countless ways artists are creating theatre on-line, check it out. Artists never stop creating; they simply find different outlets.)

Someone who has not read many, many books should never attempt to write one. I’ve heard several pros in the book industry say you should read at least a couple hundred titles of the genre that you want to write—before you write. It’s certainly good to write continuously as you learn and prepare, but don’t tackle your lifelong goal before you’ve even practiced at it.

So go to museums and art galleries, stroll around botanical gardens, eat at unusual restaurants, read stories that excite you, and definitely invest in theater tickets (as they begin to open up!).

I created this cartoon after visiting Florence, Italy. Museums inspire! (This was actually based on a real family where the mom was yelling at her boys for not appreciating the art. I thought that was funny. And I loved watching the husband.)

Experience as much creativity around you as you can. And before you know it, your very own creativity will begin to flow.

It’s just the way we were made.


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