It's a Day to Celebrate (Cue Cheers and Happy Noises)

April 20,2020

Being tucked away in our little cocoons has taught me many things, but one of the best things I’ve observed is that we humans love to celebrate. Nothing—not even a world virus pandemic—can stop us from celebrating each other and events that matter to us.

Take birthdays, for instance. Birthday drive-bys have become a thing. The “party” goers sit in their cars and sing happy birthday— and even toss out gifts and cards as they inch by. Horns honk and well wishes are shouted as the birthday person watches and waves, receiving all the love from an appropriate distance. One 89-year old I know celebrated her birthday this past weekend with her entire family—husband, four kids, their spouses, and the four grandkids, via that remarkable app called Zoom. (Where has that been all my life, by the way?)

In fact, I’d venture to say that celebrations have become an even bigger deal because we are all looking for something to celebrate.

Celebrations are beautiful. They mark important events. They create memories.

When I brought over a cake to the little 89-year old and left it at her front door, she called soon after to thank me. Her voice shaky, she said, “You make me feel so special.”

And THAT is another reason why we celebrate--to make people who matter in our lives feel special.

So as discussions continue about graduations and how to honor graduates and their achievements (regardless of grade), the emphasis needs to be on CELEBRATING their achievements, not just recognizing them. You would never have a wedding without a bride and a groom, nor should there be a graduation without at least the opportunity for the graduates to gather to celebrate at some point (ideally with teachers and parents, too).

How can YOU turn this time of “sheltering” into one of celebration? You don’t need a big reason. My family celebrated us all being home on a Saturday night by playing Seven-Card Stud, Man or Mouse, and other games that took my money.

So celebrate something. Every day. Any day. But most of all, today.






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