When an Indoor Plant Survives the Creative Farm Girl

I think I’ve finally become a true grown-up. I have managed to keep several indoor plants (more than three) alive for over a year.

This is quite an accomplishment for the Creative Farm Girl. (Though I admit I still have my share of faux foliage scattered around my house. Okay, and I have a couple fake ones outside, too.)

Now that I’ve finally managed to see some beautiful real plants not die under my care, I’ve come across a new problem.

They’ve stopped growing.

So, while they still enjoy the filtered light and regular water and keep their healthy green shade, their branches have not spread. I discovered that once a plant has outgrown its pot, it won’t grow anymore, so it stays in this state of alive-but-not-growing.

And there’s only one solution: replant it to a larger pot so that it has room to grow its roots and spread its branches.

For a farm girl who has managed to kill practically every plant she’s ever had, the idea of replanting is terrifying. However. Being alive and not growing is rather terrifying, too, whether you're a plant or a person.

For those of us who are people, we may need to make a shift in the way we look at life. Or get out of our way-too-comfortable space and become a little uncomfortable. How do you know if it’s time to separate those balled-up roots clinging to our cramped pots and relocate to bigger quarters?

A few possible signs it may be time:

  1. You hang out with only people who think and say the very same things that you think and say.
  2. You aren’t learning anything NEW.
  3. And you are okay with either of the above.

You think you might be ready for a bigger pot? Tune in next week for exactly HOW we can do that.


  • Our minds may say- it’s time for a bigger pot (love the illustration) but we (ok I admit) can get stuck in moving forward
    Thanks for the poke

    Carolyn Underwood Marshall
  • Thank you for the plant illustration, dear Amy!
    So true! I wish I had the same courage – I usually have to re pot a plant – that I need to get myself out my “old” pot. My excuse is that I am almost 80 years old!! Bless you!

    olga friesen
  • Enjoyed reading this thought provoking segment. Looking forward to your next post.

    Kim Folkestad

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