When Thoughts Become Monsters and Try to Take Over the World (or at least Your Head)

October 11, 2018

Ideas and thoughts were never meant to live in our heads. They are meant to begin, to be birthed, in our heads. But then, after we have time to mull them over, we have three choices:

  1. We love them! They are brilliant! Take action!
  2. Not a great idea. Actually, it stinks. Get rid of it.
  3. Well . . . let me think about that some more.

And, that’s where trouble begins. I’m not saying we shouldn’t think through things. However, most things get downright ugly if we think them over too much. The dough gets chewy. The cheese gets moldy. The wine gets—I’m not sure. I never have one around long enough, but I know it’s not pretty. The thoughts bring on more thoughts until the thoughts have taken over your head, and you are unable to have a clear thought and now you are sinking in a mire of somewhat stinky thoughts that are getting more toxic by the moment.

Maybe it’s just me. And frankly, if it is, that’s fine. I feel like I need to learn how to keep the baby monsters from growing up in my head and taking over. (Think “Stranger Things,” not “Monsters Inc.”)

And while I’m including creative ideas in this mix of potential muck, I want to give special attention to the thoughts in our heads that get so bad, they destroy people.

Ouch. If you haven’t been hurt by your own thoughts, you certainly know someone who has been.

So how can we combat this? Simply this: Don’t let a thought live so long in your head. Get it on paper. On canvas. On a piano or guitar. Or share it with someone else who can help you do this, or at least help you get it out of the place where it’s trying to claw in and hibernate.

Our thoughts are beautiful. Many are the seeds for acts of creativity, kindness, and love. But YOU are the boss of your thoughts, not the other way around. Take care of them, nurture them, and always be in charge of them.

“We take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.”        2 Corinthians 10:5


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  • Yes, sweet Amy. I have to remind myself what God says in Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not my ways.” I have been asking Him to help me understand His ways in certain situations, recently and also to “cleanse” some specific thoughts that can become “monsters” if allowed to stay and “hibernate”! Thank you for amazing insight!

    olga friesen
  • Such really, truly good advice. Sometimes I just need to walk and talk my monsters away!!!


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